Father Jaques Marquette has made a huge contribution to history and geography.

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He was born on June 1,1637 in Laon, France. He went to church and joined the Society of Jesus at 17. He became a priest in 1666. He then lived with the Huron and Ottawa tribes in 1671. He then was sent to New France (what is now Eastern America) in 1673 to find a passage to Asia. He led this mission with Louis Jolliet.
He studied Native American languages. He found many missions in the Great Lakes region. Jacques heard alot of rumors about a huge river called the Mississippi. They mapped the Mississippi River. Because of Marquette and Joliet, the Mississippi River was explored and mapped due to their interest and communication with the native tribes. He died in 1675 on May 18th. He was going up the east side of Lake Michigan. He was remembered as the first Frenchmen to travel the route to the east side of Lake Michigan.

He traveled to the western part of Lake Superior in 1669. Sometime around 1671 Jacques met Louis Jolliet. The Missouri and Ohio Rivers did not join the South River that Jacques and Louis were taking. It became clear that if they continued down the south, they would reach the Gulf of Mexico. In July, they headed North. They started traveling the Mississippi River fighting a strong current. At the age of 38, he died on his way back home. He was a brave explorer and a deeply religious man.

Jacques Marquette was very loyal and considerate. He had an amazing adventure on the ship. We think he deserves respect. He was very young when he died. We do not think he had alot of family support. Thank you for looking at Nehali's and Zak's Wiki about Jacques Marquette. We hope you were inspired by him as we were.

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